Cloud7 is the CTiE storage area or sometimes called Archive, this in fact is a sub domain from the full site, hence it is totally separate but can be linked to the main CTiE site as you may have noticed.

The advantages are two fold the first being it will hold past events in a Cloud (could be another computer anywhere in the world) which is secure and will only be updated after a major event, hence it will not slow the main site.

From the webmaster perspective the contents or index if updated takes a reasonable and sometime long time as it will check every page, hence this time is much reduced as the sub domains are not reviewed.

Indeed, there are about five sub domains each on its own Cloud!

Find your Cloud below

Women’s World Day of Prayer: - HERE

Walk of Witness: - HERE

Who is Who in the Fellowship: - HERE

The Epsom BookFair: - HERE

Computer Guides: - HERE

The above Computer Guides are very short guides to the web computer jargon which at times can be baffling, note they are just short text and images which if needed can be supplemented by further reading.

They reflect the questions as a webmaster for many sites I have been asked over a long period.