Computer Support.

How to Access the Web

This Guide describes a number of methods for accessing the web and how to reduce the potential unwanted threats.


A way to find out about something is to use a search engine such as Google or Bing. In the Google Enquiry Box type the words in free form that describe your query. The response will be a number of websites that can possible answer your query.

The query could be: a company; a website; an enquiry; a problem; etc.

Typical examples are below

Bing Search for LEDs

Bing Results for LEDs choose one of many sites listed

Google Search for white double radiators uk etc.

Google results for white double radiators uk

Many other examples are:

A bank to access your account to check a statement or make an online payment,

A rail company to find out the train time to a destination to schedule a trip.

The meaning of a word or phrase e.g. for a crossword clue.

An issue where you want to see if others have encountered the same problem and their experiences with finding solutions.

The cheapest online supplier for a specific product e.g. a television, clothes, etc.

There are numerous other examples.


Of course, the buyer always needs to beware and has a responsibility to ensure that each purchase or response is what is wanted and the website or vendor is legitimate.

As analogies:

Would you allow an unknown tradesman free access to your home?

Would you leave your keys in the ignition of your unattended car?

Would you respond to an improbable request or demand in a letter from an unknown individual?

In accessing the web a must is an up to date virus checker, which are either free or by subscription. Products include AVG, Microsoft Essentials, Avast, Norton 360, etc.

It is also necessary to understand the precautions to be taken which are explained in the Google Security Tips at website

Payment Methods

In online transactions payment by a credit card offers protection and you need to check if the same applies to a Debit Card by checking its Terms and Conditions.

Another route is to set up a PayPal account where the details of your Credit or Debit card are not revealed to the vendor.


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