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CTiE webmasters Guide

This guide is aimed at the membership and friends of CTiE who over the last few years have been excellent contributors to our website, many thanks.

As we have many factors that form part of CTiE, reports arrive in many forms such as e-mails and documents which the webmaster has to make compatible to the authoring package called FrontPage which is a Microsoft (MS) product hence other products from the same Company and hence HTML code are the same, MS Word, MS Publisher, etc. are best.

If details come via other packages these can often be manipulated, so all it not lost. But never PDF please

This Guide is to outline the basic protocol or etiquette required and it is helpful if contributors bear this in mind. Please do not feel the following is criticism of your efforts to date but rather a late attempt from the webmaster to make life easier for all!

This list of suggestions below is all applicable to your web site but please remember posters, award certificate, AGM Minutes and much material is often added in the web site at later stage as well as are the obvious reports from CTiE.

What to avoid

Please, use upper and lowercase text.

Using all uppercase letters (ABCD ETC) means; SHOUTING. Many folk find this is annoying and harder to read. If it is considered necessary to highlight the text, please use bold font

Please do not use underlining which indicates a hyperlink (see at end of document if you are not sure) The worst case is using both above together!

Font selection is not important as this can be globally changed likewise the line spacing

Apparently a few members need to high light say the title by putting two blank spaces between words but if this is needed by selecting Font it is possible to have the option to expand or compress any highlighted text.

Many members especially when producing an A4 type poster use differing method of controlling the layout as follows: -

Using Tabs this is fine if only producing A4, but moving onto a web page where the user maybe using other formats because of screen monitor size larger or smaller, or indeed tablets or other devises this mean the screen scrolling causes layout glitches.

Blank Spaces: -Another common ruse to obtain an A4 layout is to use blank spaces, this again on a web page conflict with screens other than A4 size, please do not use extra blank spaces other than one input by default.

If either of the above are used the webmaster has to delete these, he can of course use the function to remove all inserted formats but blank space does not come in this category, so the Replace has to be used but this has limitations, for example if all tabs are deleted then text space are also delete either side of the tabs.

So deleting all and inserting a blank space means numerous blank spaces are inserted, causing yet more editing.

Whilst we are on the topic of A4 poster and forms the use of carriage return or next line to ensure the A4 look cause problems with the scrolling changing sizes on web site and should be used with caution.

If pictures or an image are to be included on a web page these need to be sent as separate attachments Not embedded in the document or e-mail message page.

To all contributors past and future many thanks the CTiE web pages are only as good as the information received,

please keep up your good work