Computer Support.

What Are Hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks are the programmatic commands to 'jump-to-another-page' in your web browser. Every web page is filled with dozens of hyperlinks, each sending you to some related web page or picture/file. You will know that something is a hyperlink when your mouse pointer changes to a pointing finger. 99% of the time, hyperlinks appear as images or as underlined words/phrase. Sometimes, hyperlinks also take the shape of drop-down menus or tiny animated movies or advertisements.

Clicking a hyperlink is all it takes to activate the jump command. When you click with the pointing finger mouse shape, the hyperlink commands your web browser to load the target web page, ideally within seconds. If you like the target web page, you stay and read it. If you want to reverse back to the original web page, simply click the 'back' button at the top left of your browser. Indeed, hyperlinking and reversing is the daily routine of browsing the Web.

Hyperlink Tip: if you also hold CTRL while you click on a hyperlink, the target web page will load into a separate tab page of your browser.

Reversing Tip: you can also use the 'backspace' key to reverse one web page into the past.