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Internet Speeds

Many speed tests offer a free online broadband speed test where people can test the speed of their broadband connection.

The speed test measures the download and upload speeds of users broadband or internet connections so you see at what speed you are connecting to the internet.

Using a speed test is useful if you are potentially having issues with your internet connection, you will be able to quickly see if there is any speed issues with your connection and if there is then you can then work on trying to sort them, this may be a case then of contacting your broadband provider to feedback the results, especially if your broadband speed has drastically slowed down.

Speed Test works by measuring the time it takes for a file to be downloaded onto your computer for the download speed and also the time for a file to be “sent” back to us for the upload speed.

Tests will perform an “initial test check” that will check the ping rate of your connection and use this to help determine the correct size of file needed to use for the full proper speed test. As broadband connections speeds can vary hugely from one person to the next depending on what package and line you are on as a user on a full fibre optic broadband connection (maybe 100Mb+) will need a larger file sending to them to get a more accurate result in the proper test than a user with a slower copper wire connection (maybe 2Mb or below) will need.

Speed test gives you an average which takes into account the peaks and troughs of your broadband speed (a broadband connection is not like driving at a set speed in a car down an empty motorway, it is more like driving in traffic down the motorway where you may need to brake or speed up at times).

Broadband Speed Test results can vary depending on various factors.

Different times of the day will likely give different speed test results, when the network may be quieter it will likely run faster and at busy times it will likely run slower.

It is also worth noting that broadband speeds can vary from minute to minute and so if you compare speed test results with others the results may slightly differ from time to time.

At busy periods of the day (7pm and Midnight) when most people are using the internet then the network is having to deal with far more data being sent down it, because of this demand that is what reduces broadband speeds.

When there is few people online (2am-6am) the internet speed users receives generally increases, this is because the network work can easily deal with your data requests as there is few others it needs to deal with at the same time.

If you think of it like “rush hour traffic”, journeys take longer as there are more cars using the roads, this is like with your internet connections.

Google will provide many offers of speed test, but these are just two:-