Computer Support.


With a Web browser, to refresh (or reload) is to download browser content (such as a Web page or other file) that is already displayed. Refreshing browser content ensures that the most currently updated information will be displayed, this is necessary if the page has been changed recently because most computer store the web page/s ensuring the same data is not being transmitted each time the user jumps back and forth on the same web!

This allows a person to explore the Internet in an easy to use way. Navigating the Internet through a series of links the user can browse the Internet; popular browsers are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera

In general refresh is another way of saying reload or updating what is being displayed. When referring to computer memory, refresh refers to the recharging of dynamic RAM (DRAM) chips that allow those chips to keep the data they are storing available

The refresh button and refresh option is also a function on all Internet browsers. Pressing the function key F5 will refresh all browsers or use the arrow circle as below.